Last Updated Feb 14th, 2024

Privacy Policy

This Global Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices of the CoffeeSpace ( & (used interchangeably with Cofounder Search) (, platforms that Counselab, Inc. offers as mobile and web applications (the “App” or “Apps”). Our privacy practices may vary among the countries in which we operate to reflect local practices and legal requirements.

About CoffeeSpace

CoffeeSpace is a social network that allows users to have 1:1 coffee chats with one another as well as post/interact on the feed to ask questions, share knowledge, and enhance one’s network. And we’re starting with the startup community, i.e. founders, investors, and anyone working/interested in the startup space generally.

About (also used interchangeably with CoffeeSpace) is a platform that uses AI to match people looking for cofounders based on different preferences.

Our Privacy Principles

If you decide not to read this entire Privacy Policy, we want you to walk away with a few key points about CoffeeSpace and’s privacy practices:

  1. CoffeeSpace is designed to allow you to find other people you are interested to talk to for any startup-related advice you might be looking for or to share your knowledge on the space.
  2. is designed to optimize the cofounder search process by recommending the candidates that best fit your cofounder preferences.
  3. We use personal information to provide our services, to communicate about existing and new CoffeeSpace/ features with you, and to comply with our terms and applicable laws.
  4. We do not sell personal information.
  5. As we do not currently have audio/ video features on our Apps, there will be no recording of conversations. Nonetheless, it may be requested by advisees (i.e people who book slots to receive advice) during the call with their advisors (i.e. people who are booked to offer advice) or by potential cofounders through the platforms agreed by the two parties to conduct the conversation. This would include platforms like Zoom or Google Hangouts. This will of course only be done should both parties give their explicit authorization.

Personal Information We May Collect

Here’s a description of the categories of information we collect when you interact with our App, and examples of how we use the specific types of information. We may collect:

  1. Account data, such as your first and last name, organization name, university name, email addresses, phone number, profile picture, user name, and other information you may choose to include in your profile/bio.